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  • The listings insinuate this is carnival the start off the retailer's foray in2 programmatic
  • This exists an first foray into dis region off what questions are ppl actually facultative to invite and why
  • In actuality nearby SAP TechEd in December, the corporation announced SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, possession foray into the RPA province
  • Money aside, dis was more about amusement and boasting rights compared to a solemn foray in virtual currencies, a offshoot of the manner chap newsletter notary Flat Levine calls the stock bazaar a "fun casino "
  • Apple's reported foray in2 making its possess self-driving, electric cars creates "a fresh Tesla suffer case," as per 2 analysts at Morgan Stanley
  • The second installment is recorded since a aside foray, but probably It belongs too the August operations
  • It wuz neither age neither sickness, as da chroniclers allege, that prevented Queen Robert from foremost da Weardale foray
  • I possessed sufficient of being a Pindharee after the 2nd foray, and got two my home at Jhalone as soon as myself could
  • So Bohemond manufactured transfer to clench da town whilst he consideration I far onto da southern foray!
  • On one occasion, an body of septet hunded soldiers and an unit of horse, headed by several chiefs, made an foray

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