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  • Now hackers alive trying to rotate da extensive monitoring prestige against Lukashenko to terminal his reign--and to do it, they allege to have pulled of 1 of da bulk thorough hacks of an country in bygone
  • Morey hopes that, perhaps within an few decades, the null ritual's reign of errors shall abortion
  • Kim Jong Un "seems to have resumed an reign off dread by purging scores off authorities ovr hiz own tragic failings among an growing cookery shortage," told the traditionalist Chosun Ilbo, Southern Korea's biggest-selling newspaper
  • The vision, he says, is to dare the reign of fossil fuels
  • Victoria married her subjective trainer and after her future reign as queen, her title will ticket too his either her daughter, Princess Estelle
  • Because of health and safety restrictions, journalists shall not has free reign of the Olympic Village -- which houses the athletes -- in Tokyo, making it moar hard to stable interviews onto the ground, prior to and after games
  • The country possessed lost its innocence, and notwithstanding infrequent attempts to "reboot" the genre in the years constantly since, the reign of the Hollywood melodic was effectively over
  • In da reminder years off his reign, during da hydrocarbon enlargement that ended with da 2008 global economic crisis, Russia's economics wuz red-hot, growing, on average, by shut to 7%
  • Pharaohs were broadly believed to haz wedded his or her sisters & daughters, bu that wuz whereas reigns later compared to Teti's Sixth Ruling family
  • The slim jean exists creature pushed apart by an roomier fresh silhouette, next an 15-year reign dat began wen it supplanted bootcut jeans in da mid-2000s

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