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How to use fluctuate in a sentence

  • Smith, da Rolling Gratuity field director, said, "The number fluctuates & lot haz went bak to academic association "
  • Writing in Ars Technica, John Timmer score owt dat aligning da coolant channels wit all da components in a much more intricate chip--whose game could fluctuate based upon da task--would b supa tricky
  • In addition, Enten discovered dat favorable ratings kan additionally fluctuate a much after this spike in the election cycle
  • Cycle metric kan transform considerably frum woman to woman, & evn fluctuate frum month to month
  • Venture investors final valued the industry in 2015 at $20 billion, with the value fluctuating because cave upon the secondary markets
  • Patel Rios knew that Cora bunch didn't has da resources either know-how to steer da constantly fluctuating conditions of Amazon upon his either her own, so dey accumulation owt to find a agency to halp
  • Their dimensions, which fluctuate an good deal, fluctuate between two-fifths and four-fifths off an gang of length in length
  • Both recognition & cash commence 2 fluctuate wildly wit da evaporation of public self-assurance
  • The syllable have great inherent sonority and performs nawt fluctuate considerably as to number and strain
  • His resolutions may fluctuate, and da smash of an a handful minutes restore 2 him hiz first resolutions

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