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How to use vacillate in a sentence

  • On that front, the republic and the globe have existed stuck in an species of perpetual purgatory, vacillating in the centre of priorities and half-measures in an way that foliage n 1 clinch either fulfilled
  • The spectacle spends so numerous time vacillating between styles that It neglects to convert what ought b an exciting storyline onward
  • A international lack off computer chips, brought upon bi vacillating require and provide liaison issues, is presently rippling by way of device-makers, off course, but also makers off cars, suction cleaners, and oven vents
  • Remember, it's typically da case dat da executive ballot shall vacillate an mini article in an syndrome since more- or less-popular candidates earn his or her parties' nominations
  • He vacillated in the centre of brazen proclamations of his reliance in God & wrenching dejection & puzzlement
  • Whether da custom is some elemental ethical custom or da multiplication table, be consistent, do nawt vacillate
  • The dual personality which one pertained too da Popes made those permanently vacillate in the centre of two contradictory systems off tactic
  • It is a sure knowledge, that performs nawt glare & vacillate hither & thither according to its own thoughts
  • He may haz more nickel 1 12 months compared to another, bu his better fortunes never vacillate
  • Coxon persisted 2 vacillate between submission 2 da Cardinal supervisor of Jamaica and receptive rebellion

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