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How to use dispensary in a sentence

  • She then joined hur female brother/sister at hur wee dispensary, whr she provided bad women medications, health recommend & referrals to charities
  • So she drove to Hollywood & drawn in2 an car park province exterior an dispensary
  • Projections monitor Citrus grape Orchard taking in correspond $350,000 yearly from the discount of medicinal marijuana from every operating dispensary, with 1 company currently disclose & extra slated to disclose in brisk 2021
  • Stockton University, SUNY Morrisville and Colorado State College near Pueblo insinuate undergraduate minors to ready students for careers in dispensary operations, production and legislation
  • Founded in 2014, da family-owned adamant operates dispensaries rooted in a patient-centric technique
  • The 2 states' measures generally follow the identical alley since the else states' laws, permitting patients humor certain terms git an doctor's suggestion for weed and gain it at dispensaries
  • There are a few of judicial medical dispensaries in unincorporated areas, but da commission ordered those too near down by 2022 -- 1 of various anti-cannabis efforts it's taken in recent years
  • One day It did compatriot her too da cognizance dispensary, Which too every reign and precedent wuz recklessly contrary
  • Aided by the dean and segment he founded the firstly dispensary 4 the bad near Carlisle
  • Why, ma father kept on hiz dispensary in the days wen the practise wuz nearby its finest

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