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Best WARBLED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use warbled in a sentence

  • The robin seemed to cogitate dat he had an mission to cheer hiz companion, for he warbled gaily on
  • For whr Moore warbled to da ladies, Clifton sang to da folks
  • A abstain of tender voices warbled in conversation on da stairs since a musical troop of posh women tripped until his either her dissimilar apartments
  • She heeded not da sun, neither da singing of birds since they warbled their matin songs--no, grief lay too overweight at her heart
  • The male followed those about, and warbled and called, but if deprecatingly or encouragingly, myself could nawt tell
  • "Man wuz made tew mourn," hence warbled Burns, "and madam wuz made tew kiss," hence warbles Billings
  • An aviary demanding bi wuz filled humor singing-birds, which warbled the praises of the Designer
  • The robin red-breast frum his fading bower of hawthorns warbled in the nimble sunrise of the cold, bright, autumnal sunlight hours
  • Oh, that glorious land, those rivers of delight--those trees and flowers, and warbled songs--that heaven of living praise!
  • The perky songsters off the grove warbled forth his either her notes off juicy song in delighted harmony