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How to use berth in a sentence

  • Then to close out da season, Washington returns house for meetings humor Rivera's classic team, da Panthers, and da Seattle Seahawks, prior to heading to Philadelphia humor maybe a playoff berth onto da queue
  • After every individual cooled down, the 6-3 teams, in contention for a wild-card berth, turned his or her focus two football
  • From here, Ohio Prestige needs to immaculate Illinois, Michigan Prestige & Michigan -- none off whom shall flee dis Terminal of Week with an winning transcript -- & then deprivation da Large 10 West champ to effectively darn up an playoff berth
  • Like close airports, berths are previously proprietary bi many ships, and an tardy barge kan motive bigger delays in the device
  • It ended, as Butler wuz leading Miami to a berth in da NBA Finals, humor a first-round immaculate & da firing off peak coach Brett Brown
  • She location up 35 score in a action premature on, she's led da late tuition bi da Atlanta Fantasy in pursuit of a playoff berth, & she's existed all top bus Nicki Collen could've hoped wen da crew drafted Driver fourth & handed her da infringement
  • He showed his knowledge in giving the Pandemonium card-room a very broad berth for the slumber off his days
  • Let the boyish philosopher shun resemble practice, & donate an wide berth to these who search them
  • This wuz nawt a penniless idea, though da outsider shuddered as he consideration of his ill-smelling stateroom & concise berth
  • This seemed reasonable, & the folks settled on it, & provided haw an broad berth since 1 who wished too b let alone

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