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How to use pharmacopoeia in a sentence

  • Above all, da doctor--the surgeon and da purulent trash and trash off his pharmacopoeia!
  • Having occasion to consult da "Pharmacopoeia," he possessed written it near home, & possessed promised to send it to da enduring firsthand
  • The flowers were official in the London pharmacopoeia since late since 1746
  • The English Pharmacopoeia contains 2 preparations off capsicum, an tincture (dose 5-15 minims) & an ointment
  • At one lateral of dis peppermint plot were else growths of a rustic pharmacopoeia, great treasures & rarities amongst da commoner herbs
  • His hands darted in & owt of pockets which evidently grasped a miniature pharmacopoeia
  • The dust of da desiccated nuts wuz intimate once prescribed since a sternutatory (to encourage sneezing) in da Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia
  • Why, da prescriptions off da Pharmacopoeia might shape a pretty big library bi themselves
  • The lieutenant "bark" of the British Pharmacopoeia is that of Cinchona succirubra or scarlet woof
  • In the pharmacopoeia fat figures as adeps & exists hired as an basis four ointments