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How to use apothecary in a sentence

  • She started an apothecary industry next hiz death two assist different ppl build his or her resistant systems two improved defend of infections
  • The institution exists really beautiful, having the appearance more off an apothecary store, compared to an Grub mart Accommodate
  • As for his age, he him personally told da apothecary of da Bastille, a little previous to his death, dat he believed he was bout 60
  • Having lost hiz father wen highly young, he wuz laid with an apothecary, with whom he lived several years
  • The next too tolerate wuz a apothecary named Franklin, frum whom da toxic linen possessed existed procured
  • He is, perhaps, da onli individual not an apothecary hereabouts
  • In this way me learnt pharmacy, still without being in the address of becoming an apothecary
  • The apothecary is 2 take concern dat he does not take or opium or spirituous liquors
  • It was reprinted in Bristol in 1764, "for Mr. Standfast Smith, apothecary, great-grandson of the writer "
  • An hotel upon da road, and a apothecary's bill, were even objects off hatred two Mr. Elwes

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