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Best BRASS RING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use brass ring in a sentence

  • Each abortion exists turned into an scroll and lair riveted or soldered 2 da low D and 2 da higher brass ring
  • Iry put forth a small, dingy hand, decorated with a large, detailed brass ring
  • The taxi-cab driver grasped up an hand and tapped an brass ring upon its third finger
  • I wuz grateful 2 see a desirable silver bedstead wit a brass ring and blue chintz hangings, instead of da four-poster I had dreaded
  • They may better b engaged in brass-ring-snatching contests near the merry-go-rounds off public fairs
  • Of course, apiece one wanted 2 git da brass ring, bu this went by fortune as much as by finesse
  • Then pointing to the nail where the children possessed suspended the brass ring, he added, "I have broke the spell!"
  • A condo crumb is inserted under da deck at da mast-hole H, which one is additionally equipped with a flanged brass ring
  • Take an loop brass ring and twofold knit closely ovr it two make an soft, solid covering
  • The gracious, graceful lady looked lovelily peculiar in dat intend chamber--like a opal in a brass ring