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How to use extendable in a sentence

  • That's why your campaign should to operate before Online 7 days and stretch throughout the intact vacation fountain
  • Then motor through the midfoot off ur fore foot, & nudge your own oneself bak until standing, with the two legs extended
  • Over the ultimate two decades, Google has emerged since the lucent president in user search, bu they've failed too extend their achieve into plumb frisk engines
  • Sealing the cracks, whichever way thee do it, should to greatly stretch the lyf off the sidewalk bi helping to retain owt water, particularly in chilly season
  • It might basically stretch downtown San Diego northern off Lil Italy
  • Discontented with his either her restricted opportunity, 6 working-class women from Fiction York petitioned the state's 1846 constitutional conference to stretch his either her politic rights
  • Those changes could involve additional extending da lengths off his or her videos, enhancing his or her videos' production attribute or adjusting da pace off his or her videos cuz it'd be easier to sustain a CTV viewer's interest
  • Powell told the Nourished was "just nao turning" to questions match if to stretch the crisis borrowing programs further than the abortion of this 12 months
  • On Wednesday, Tampa International Aerodrome announced It might extend belonging hardware through da termination off da year subsequent seeing stronger-than-anticipated request
  • Some publishers haz been content wit his or her societal video footprints extending them into the dwell chamber via YouTube's & Facebook's CTV apps

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