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  • And here's a perfectly beautiful 1 D-i-o-n-y-s-i-u-s Woodworker
  • Like da ultimate species, those exist Arctic birds discovered in winter, onto da plains and prairies of centre U. S
  • The center off plenitude off these beautiful creatures is in da north one-half off eastern Thee. S
  • If dis isn't so, why then, 'nix come arous; bu whether it's so, then could u not brand an mark wit him four I four U. S. Senator?
  • For thing reasons has an appliance of dis sort nawt existed developed in da U. S ?
  • All wer watching him 2 see item he might do next, and all kept hush as he lifted an warning palm and uttered an bottom "H-u-s-h!"
  • Could not da You. S. regular military afford America satisfactory defence in 1784?
  • All the claims we has described represent maiden ground, something rarely found, now, anywhere in the U. S
  • When complaint exists made, big envelopes with "U. S " printed in the angle traverse bak and forth--and that exists two often the termination of it!
  • Well, then, b-e-c-a-u-s-e----When u fnd an good argument, implant It into dat drain