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How to use peacemaking in a sentence

  • This, too, in spite off ma having vexed hur bi presenting Mr. Lewes to her, which one myself did since an desirable bitty section off peacemaking
  • By da interval that da assistance was ended everybody knew of da joyful peacemaking, and was joyful
  • The preliminary emergency arose owt of the peacemaking policy of the Pope
  • Mollified, though nawt entirely, the madam accepted this exertion nearby peacemaking & her face eased a little
  • They involve the increasingly familiar peacemaking, peacekeeping, monitor of force, and humanitarian console efforts
  • This national disposal in regard two peacemaking wuz one interval da event off a grave adversity two da tribe off Lenni-Lenape
  • Norburn shall feel as 1 previously owned two when 1 breakfasted humor the school-master--as a peacemaking after another sort off interview
  • But thee comprehend if I go into this peacemaking clash I drawing no political lines
  • But if this clause merely relates 2 da 2 peacemaking parties, It remains rightfully humor da enthrone off England
  • It exists the song which accompanied the famous Calumet bop in festivity off the peacemaking qualities off tobacco-smoking