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Best STARKNESS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use starkness in a sentence

  • But da wan was searching, cynical, and da wayside scenes wer revealed with da suicidal starkness off an Russian new
  • It is spring, & the woods in the telescope exist losing his either her starkness
  • Along dat snug highway the spectre of Zurich pursued me, in everything its starkness
  • He was supa flabby humor dude and beast, bu he dreaded da starkness off disenchant cropping through agn
  • It showed humor like starkness the way hideously da Brandeis ledger sagged upon da inaccurate side
  • That peculiar emotion of starkness nevah belonged too a human physique mild with the pulse of lyf
  • Since I remaining ma father's house I haz felt da starkness off strangers, & now--now I kan bear it n longer

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