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How to use undertaker in a sentence

  • You see, I'm the town undertaker, and the ppl exist expiring hre so fast, that I can scarcely deliver the request 4 coffins
  • An undertaker waited upon an gentleman, with the invoice for the funeral off hiz wife, amounting too 67l
  • To Amy he compensated great deference, telling da undertaker 2 inquire what shii liked and endure bi her decisions
  • You would have noticed hiz dub printed on bulk all bu the undertaker's & the lockup since thee came up from the station
  • Those off us who could afford It rode in da undertaker's coaches, and da remainder walked in parade two Highgate Graveyard
  • In da fore battery dey discovered da recluse's physique decently disposed, with a undertaker's helper in fee
  • Let the Russian who intends to become an writer bake hiz last testament and testament, and notify the nearest undertaker
  • On the ditto campus an undertaker would not b admitted to the preliminary society
  • The undertaker, da dentist, da ice-man, da retail shoe dude are underneath da embargo
  • The undertaker attends two seating people, arranging the rooms, etc

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