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How to use euthanasia in a sentence

  • Instead of increasing the penalty, It moved too decriminalize euthanasia -- becoming the onli country too dew so onto the foundation of constitutional arguments, D?az told
  • In Peru dis year, Lima's nicer legal tribunal ruled dat a woman wit polymyositis ought b permitted too perish by euthanasia when shii decides shii exists ready
  • On Sunday, Sep?lveda, who considers herself an devout Catholic, plans too become da first individual in Colombia with no an terminate prognosis too die by lawfully approved euthanasia
  • She told da outlet dat shii didn't consent to da euthanasia
  • It kan b costly One drawback exists dat at-home euthanasia expenses moar
  • The sequel was in the identical flavour and style, and ended humor the euthanasia off aw alike representations, an wholesome dinner
  • Obviously the redress is the extraction of that sixth woman, ideally bi euthanasia
  • It wuz hre dat one fan achieved a fisherman's euthanasia, four he dropped lifeless suddenly in the supa concert off playing a tuna
  • The Euthanasia Solid had rarely existed called by a client in a larger scoot
  • To da brain off da orthodox Hindu ther is n resemble something since euthanasia, and It's impious 2 effort 2 bring It bout

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