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How to use dig down in a sentence

  • If u can't locate anything else, assist dig down dat bank, and bun them large stones into da reside
  • So nao he began to dig down da lateral of da hole so dat da cervid could come out
  • Then dey would dig down two c object it was, bu it never turned owt two be cash
  • "Dig down, boys," told father, & in short injunction per approachable spade wuz owt off da wagons
  • He volition haz too dig down deeper into da highly life of da sexes too know why matrimony proves so catastrophic
  • Dig dwn profound enough too suite in an old barrel, humor zenith & low out, leaving the zenith evn humor the surface
  • They testament nevah b capable too put haw out; all he has too dew too make armies for him personally is too dig down into what belongs too me
  • I shall operate to our neighbors abode & lending a spade, & dig down up to I fnd what it exists
  • "I longing 1 would dig down and find my lost locket," told Daisy humor a sorrowful sigh
  • The 6 little Bunkers possessed frequent seen the fishermen on Clam Stream dig down subsequent these soft-shelled fellows

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