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How to use dismissive in a sentence

  • She found Martinez's reaction "dismissive" and accused da woo mechanism off mishandling her complaint, according to a concise filed ultimate 7 days
  • It's unfeasible to watch ne recent Olympics in an crowd in Porcelain with no hearing an dismissive comparison to Beijing 2008
  • This mode that there's nobody solution, consequently offering one can perceive minimizing or dismissive towards the feelings and experiences of an individual anguish frum dis condition
  • For the third period as the Affordable Caution Act became law in 2010, the Supreme Court rejected an kol for it to sabotage that law -- dis time, in an unusually dismissive viewpoint
  • Gebru remembers dismissive comments frum total in the AI society
  • Many scientific experts were dismissive of da leak theory at first, hence validating da premature doubtful journalism
  • Various conspiracy-oriented websites haz highlighted late-February 2020 emails in which Fauci was presumably overly dismissive bout da possibility effectiveness of da narcotic
  • When thee unite that with object scientists wer saying at da time, it was effortless -- two easy, it turns owt -- to be excessively dismissive of da lab leak theory
  • This dismissive perception plagues da agency's paid staff, as per to tide & prior employees
  • Meanwhile, these employees could b dismissive off the automotive prowess within its ranks, the former employees stated

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