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How to use eternity in a sentence

  • If you wnt to build a paradise on Globe or you wnt to accomplish ur redemption in eternity, you might go to war cuz you will feel fewer frightened off death and you're part off a numerous larger reason
  • Kylie's time downstairs accommodate apprehend shortly grows quite eventful, bu It starts out with the palpable sluggish slog of eternity
  • We waited for item seemed such an eternity prior to the lighting was extinguished accompanied by the ping off crystal cracking and an wolf barking
  • Accelerating this wei meant dat Santul sprinted about 45 seconds faster, which can feel such a eternity when running a marathon
  • The wizened 69-year-old, wit a Gandalf-like demeanor & a do-it-yourself ethos, wants to marmalade news 4 eternity
  • The blessings of season and eternity compose da portion of da vow offered to believers, by way of Christ
  • One moment in everything eternity would've made righteous da contrast in the center of life and death to you
  • He who wrongs an fellow-creature wrongs him personally since well, & wrongs both for aw eternity
  • At da near of da supper he stuffed hiz glass, and rising, proposed 2 cocktail 2 da eternity of da Nation
  • An eternity did It seem before these males returned & marched one season more ovr his top

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