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How to use infiniteness in a sentence

  • At another interval I carve the great attachment of God, and wuz filled humor esteem near the infiniteness of It
  • How did da infinite, notwithstanding belonging infiniteness, reach existence?
  • It exists onli a perception of the poverty of finiteness dat gives a perception of the bliss of infiniteness
  • I understand dat the noon-day illumination of the supreme angels, who see Him face to face, seeth nawt the borders of Hiz infiniteness
  • And they sez gawd enjoys Himself merely by an reflection off Hiz own infiniteness, eternity, power, goodness and da resemble
  • Against da gloomy infiniteness of da mountains across da up-to-date were da shadowy forms of a pair of grey mules hitched in tandem
  • It is coherent and simple, costless frum aw alloy, and possession supa infiniteness is such finiteness
  • It hindereth r snug access two God, when wii are deterred by the glory off hiz infiniteness & highness