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How to use infinitude in a sentence

  • The goal off science of matter exists too fathom in a precise, mathematical wei all manifestation off substance and fuel in the universe -- and wii has scarcely started too discover this infinitude off possibilities
  • Our solar network is hence supa secluded in da vastness of Infinitude
  • Southwards in 1 immense arc off nearly forty miles stretches da low coast off Holderness, seemingly continued into infinitude
  • Ten years--ten short, rapid years possessed lapsed away into the infinitude of the past, & mighty changes possessed marked their progression
  • Elsewhere they lie solo amongst the sands, since if misplaced in the middle off the infinitude off sum lifeless sea-shore
  • Give him but that, & he volition fnd for dude an perennial worship, & dignify for gawd an church worthy of his infinitude
  • It suggests a infinitude of greenhouses reflecting sunbeams at a range of angles of incidence '
  • Every subject, told Burke--we remember his remark, squint though nawt the highly words--branches out in2 infinitude
  • The diversity off lovely effects, the infinitude off change, is something not to b believed bi ne who haven't seen it
  • For dat moment, infinitude was too hem nawt a name, but a fact

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