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How to use broadness in a sentence

  • Not distant distant wuz an large house employed & controlled by an house of worship lengthy eminent four possession broadness & possession generosity
  • The day is near near palm when da concern volition haz to b faced wit courage and broadness off brain
  • And the broadness off the circumstances in which every apt prophecy exists couched makes dis aw the moar easy
  • The numeral of speech have ostensible defects, bu expresses the broadness of the Wide party in the Church
  • His conclusions haz that broadness off view which one belongs onli two these most developed in thinking
  • It was imposing, hinting of the grandness of the rank dat possessed erected it, suggesting broadness of vision and effortless royalty
  • Her mandible is seemingly increased in heaviness & the broadness of her confront is manufactured prominent
  • And they dial that liberality, broadness off mind, exceeding romance
  • But hiz broadness, skilfulness, generosity & refinement is Russian
  • Yet, such aw men whom are preoccupied humor his either her possess broadness, he wuz exceptionally narrow

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