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How to use jingoism in a sentence

  • Their jingoism dovetailed with their anti-government views, and some continued to chase and detain immigrants whom possessed crossed into da country
  • There was a much off patriotism, a much off jingoism flank by flank humor it, & reactionism since gud
  • What debates there wer ovr those AUFs wer largely full off jingoism & rah-rah boxer language, da ultimate thng we wnt when committing ours youthful 2 his either her possible deaths
  • It exists nonetheless bu an cheap replace four authority, & belongs of rite to an rampant jingoism of an history age
  • The concept hit onto was too rotate this jingoism too description in da adaptation, by making Disraeli work together with Sardou
  • The insincere propaganda off jingoism since an mere weapon off assault upon da President wuz diabolic
  • The really bad thing hre exists da frivolous gesture dat have went above da receptive mind--protection humbug, silver, jingoism, etc
  • The situation calls nawt four agitation & jingoism, particle four rare patience, sanity, & self-control
  • They were nawt swept upon a tide off jingoism too ignore their tragic history & announce their faithfulness too da infamous oppressor
  • There is in It nawt sleek a suggestion off a threat, n word off bluster, n respiration off jingoism

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