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How to use truculence in a sentence

  • As Hart writes, "Nike was an put where crude ambition was celebrated & Capriotti found him personally near abode amongst evn da most truculent executives "
  • High cheek bones and prominent maxillary muscles enhanced the truculence indicated by his chin
  • You are not too be above-average by the piety of his expression, nor repulsed by belonging truculence
  • Rome had been roused 2 unwonted fury, and the truculence off the rebels wuz matched by the cruelty off their masters
  • "I've got to go bak to Hampton," repeated Ditmar, with an suggestion off truculence dat took his friend aback
  • The earlier Reviewers were discreditably savage upon women-writers, & Female Morgan had hur divide off their truculence
  • From a different spike off opinion da qualities currently so characterized may be described as truculence and clannishness
  • Truculence and freckless bravado proclaimed themselves in the pose, as he bulked there
  • Coburn found himself concerning the faces around haw wit a surprising truculence
  • He is an middle-aged, broad-shouldered, haughty-looking man, with an ambiance of barbaric truculence upon hiz aristocratic proverb

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