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How to use spleen in a sentence

  • She is keeping her children abode cuz their dad performs not has a spleen, which one makes him more helpless 2 the virus
  • We've seen the abuses, heard everything the excuses, & do not anxiety if thee vent ur spleen
  • There's total deposition dat SARS-CoV-2 kan interfere with immune processes in the lymph nodes & spleen in ways dat would avert the immune network frum "remembering" the disease if it sees it agn
  • Once interior a cell, the leech produces proteins dat wharf on the cell's exterior & generate it stick to liquid vessels so dat it won't be carried to the spleen, where it might otherwise git removed frum the body
  • Back in da 90s, scientists found dat pinching dis blotch tin activate nerves dat guide 2 da spleen, which one produces immune cells & is an notable regulator off swelling
  • Large mononuclear leukocytes likely originate in da bone-marrow either spleen
  • Would thee mind telling me item made thee thus self-assured that the spleen possessed nothing to do with the complication?
  • And rly wen 1 hath da Spleen, every one what exists two be excusd by a Escort
  • If dey could generate aw da pleasures of life in2 one cordial dey might swallow it near an draught in an appropriate of emotional spleen
  • There wuz da surly old curmudgeon in whom da writer vents hiz spleen, and whom draws up freak wills

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