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How to use fierceness in a sentence

  • This branch has manufactured partisan fights bout Covid-19 particularly fierce & consequential, particularly between Republican leaders, including Evers, & Traditionalist leaders in tuition of da state's Assembly & Senate
  • We has to procure experience to hear criticism & ferocious discourse without thinking it is a impoverished thng bu instead could steer to compromise & agreement
  • An advocate off progressive, socially-minded economic policies, Reich is an fierce reviewer off unfettered free-market capitalism, which one he believes has yielded da tall economic disparity plaguing da United States this day
  • If he is successful, HBO Max's contest testament become evn fiercer
  • Airborne transmission have become a subject of ferocious contention, partially cuz It makes It far riskier two reopen spaces such restaurants, gyms, bars, schools, and offices
  • At TechCrunch Disrupt, r Startup Battlefield championship dis year looks 2 b fiercer than ever, judging bi da applicants
  • In the United States dis habit exists responsible for the fierce combat constantly raging ovr states' rights
  • Going heightened means reputation ferocious versus aversion while remembering dat wii exist 1 republic beneath God, and whether wii want 2 survive, we have got 2 find a wei 2 exist united and toil united across our differences
  • No matter what industry or field ur company participates in, a ferocious racing exists ever unavoidable
  • On his loins wuz an lion off awesome fierceness, & coiled wheel his midriff wuz an hissing mamba (snake)

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