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How to use mobbing in a sentence

  • They would come upon since rocky individualists, bu da giveaway exists they are ever in shambling mobs searching something to eat
  • A few 100 too a pair thousand members exists normally good--once you receive moar compared to that, you haz a large enough cohort whr toxicity and throng mentality opener too slowly confiscate ovr
  • "We can't allow the Left-wing MOB too undermine ours Election," 1 missive says
  • If u sez da wrong thing, u git a Twitter swarm after you, and da next thng u know, u may lose ur job
  • Even previous to handshake him, mayb to neutralize the dude next an duration off 2 decades dat felt like an duration off 2 decades, myself said him myself wuz aback dat ther wuz no mob surrounding him
  • Yes, and if these mobbing knaves kan b kept tranquil then, wii volition b in an scenario to inquire no favors
  • That night da sheriff called out an large volume of men too brake an suite of scoundrels frum Merced frum mobbing myself
  • The lil birds, impelled bi rage or fear, or an foolish montley off both, convene for the function off mobbing the prevalent adversary
  • The boys fought his or her wei through da throngs that were almost mobbing those two receive near da victorious girls
  • The disappointment of the Americans showed itself bi mobbing some Franco seamen in Boston, whither their armada former