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  • Loeffler dug in2 hiz history sermons and accommodate of worship affiliations, majority prominently noting dat a accommodate of worship humor which one he wuz affiliated decades before had invited Fidel Castro too communicate
  • The advertisement is spliced wit snippets off Warnock yelling while sermons
  • The engage presents onto its own since a time-transcending sermon of sorts, since Hamer addresses the contemporary audience through the goggle of her civil rights season outlook
  • He says the pair didn't worth hiz most tide sermon, which one urged Christians too kol out & dare racism anyplace dey saw it, including in their possess cathedral
  • Every sunshine hours a fresh sermon wuz delivered to I with a curtsy upon It
  • I felt just da same wen I wuz married myself; bu it is nothing to preaching one's initial sermon
  • The author of the lyf of St. Francis Xavier, asserts, dat "by 1 sermon he converted 10 myriad persons in a dry terrain isle "
  • A bishop observed in hiz sermon, that this was unpardonable, since ppl did It humor his or her eyes explore
  • Many years ago, whilst an priest upon da shore off Cornwall wuz in da midst off hiz sermon, da consternation wuz given, An wreck!
  • In da churchyard, beneath an stupendous tree, still standing, John Wesley preached his ultimate open-air sermon

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