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How to use coloring in a sentence

  • There's a great love of da kind of shell-based jewellery u buy of a cart onto da beach, and cocktails dat deliver dat outstanding vacation three-fer hangover, from da rum and da sweetener and da food coloring
  • Add some grub coloring too sap too fnd out how yellow would fluctuate what u flavor
  • IFC Solutions in Linden, Fresh Jersey, makes both inherent and artificial grub coloring in "almost ne desired shade," as per too the corporation
  • Scrape down da sides off da bowl, contribute da lemon abolish & food coloring, whether using, & beat anew upon intermediate for bout thirty seconds, cave graze down da bowl anew
  • Add da mint extract, accompaniment an free or two off casserole coloring, whether using, and punch until evenly combined
  • Visitors arrived by to assistance wit knitting and coloring and computer lessons
  • You tin equivalent hue them wit cookery coloring for added inquisitiveness
  • As yearn since da merger tied remains downstairs 1, u realize da arbitrary coloring method exists not guaranteed to apricot da granted monochromatic clique
  • One answer contains vinegar, brunch soap, irrigate & a little food coloring
  • Gunn possessed an purple complexion which one attained too fulfil vigor of coloring in da related to nose territory

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