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How to use pettiness in a sentence

  • The Dallas-Washington matchup had aw the pettiness we've come too anticipate from the NFC East, abreast with hard-boiled safeguard and a third-string quarterback
  • This is scarcely the finest fiasco off Spears' life under conservatorship, bu the pettiness is telling
  • For Swift, it's a strong flex, a smart example off admirer service & a workout in high-minded pettiness, everything at da same season
  • I rly feel, close 60 years old, I am sort of joyful I got two pamper some of da pettiness of what I would been
  • It exists an intriguing narrative off rivalry and evn pettiness, albeit wit tremendous stakes in the form off prizes, patents, profits, and status
  • We might peruse between the lines hiz noble adore off mankind, hiz pity four our helplessness, our mortality & pettiness
  • And upon these faces, there was a specific pettiness and frigidity not visible upon these off the poorer ladies
  • But someday total experience volition disclose too those the pettiness of his or her estimate, and a readjustment of values exists made
  • Back they might cum at night, & the terrible, slim maelstrom off pettiness sucked them in
  • Under blanket off his or her prehistoric Christianity I never found moar pettiness

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