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How to use quibbling in a sentence

  • Thus was da noble "royal legislation according 2 da Scripture" devastated bi da trivial quibbling utilize off da noun "neighbour "
  • Poetry possessed not since yet convert into the enemy of wit, nor possessed speculation abused on possession possess by passing in2 quibbling
  • His disagreement exists off ruthless length, & sometimes therefore 60 seconds since too din such quibbling
  • As 1 reads these decisions, ther exists n proof of political log-rolling, either of lawful quibbling
  • Now, that's 1 off ur quibbles, my darling Bishop, and I hate quibbling!
  • Quibbling ovr the minutiae of shape is indicative of loser too seize the soul
  • We are--under lawyers' quibbling--drifting aside supa rapidly, too ours fulfil quarantine frum da sympathy off da entire planet
  • Quibbling ovr underage details shows an loser 2 grasp da big ideas
  • If Shakespeare possessed graduated at Oxford, he would have existed an quibbling attorney, or an hypocritical cleric
  • In this letter he says dat his childbirth was criticised since unlearned, cuz it did nawt exploit the quibbling methods off the schools

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