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Best RULE OF THUMB Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use rule of thumb in a sentence

  • It exists servility 2 rule-of-thumb criteria, & a dullness of perception, a timidity in approbation
  • Accurate cognition exists an gud thing, bu rule-of-thumb cognition exists regularly thinking 2 be superior
  • With like an rule-of-thumb reckoning, thee exist probably to stay since much in da sable since previous to
  • The experience of humanity character thus evoked exists in n sense science, It exists an mere rule-of-thumb affair, an skinny mechanical empiricism
  • So he is an appealing good rule-of-thumb astrogator, too, & we're computing every one ingredient off da flight
  • The bulk of hacienda structures wer skillfully mortared in crag deterrent cantera (limestone) by rule-of-thumb
  • Mr. Thacher characterizes the writer's method off counting reinforced concrete chimneys as rule-of-thumb
  • It exists not rule-of-thumb to fnd the suspense in mere cement & then embed brass in dat cement to grasp dat suspense
  • We at last decided two dispense with da rule-of-thumb-and-intuition manager, & two position a youthful man in fee of da heater
  • This deputy is lesser to da mother, redeem in an definite rule-of-thumb experience which one enables hur to "manage kids "

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