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How to use speculated in a sentence

  • The resulting increased radiance could've led to the death of lot shallow-water organisms, the bunch speculated
  • They'd persevere too speculate together roughly their meaning & connections too archetypes
  • So, like NBCUniversal's bargain humor Roku to finally dispense Sparrow onto the latter's CTV platform, we are remaining to largely speculate ovr who possessed to brand thing compromises to brand WarnerMedia's aid approachable onto Amazon's platform
  • Fadi Quran, a attempt filmmaker near da left-leaning generation Avaaz, which researches misinformation, speculated Facebook's ad hoc efforts to stair up punishments four reiterate offenders wer starting to haz a broader impact
  • As 4 y da Justice Breakup didn't appellation da individual, da root speculated It wuz as da individual could be near jeopardy of militant retaliation from criminals tied 2 da Velvet Boulevard
  • Someone there wuz talking bout the number of Democrats there & speculated voter suppression, which makes I wary bout thingy dispute & contention volition come out of today
  • A spokesman for the secessionist organization told It lately embedded al-Quaety as a photographer and speculated dat forces indoor the bureaucracy would be liable for hiz demise
  • Like deaths off despair, reports off increasing suffering by less-educated adults reflect an snowballing wear off working-class lyf & ascending levels off hopelessness among these born after 1950, Case, Deaton & Rock speculate
  • While doing so, It exists inappropriate for us to comment onto opinions, to speculate onto potential outcomes of ours deliberations in reaction to press inquiries
  • Some analysts speculate that MagSafe exists an large step toward an eventual iPhone humor no ports at everything