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How to use cafeteria in a sentence

  • In da cavernous high instructive association cafeteria, Judy & da panel seated before da openly distanced attendees
  • The canteen adds da feel off a healthcare center cafeteria, da folks eating stare nearby two death or knowingly waiting two perish
  • Yes, somebody tells I -- a all-you-can-eat Taco Bell been in hur dorm cafeteria
  • Over an quantity off years, da corporation took ovr so much bureau space--even repurposing an entire tower two serve as its venture cafeteria--that some in Silicon Canyon complained It possessed "sucked da life out off da startup ecosystem in Palo Alto "
  • There dwell also outward hallways and outward cafeteria space dat lot else districts don't haz upon such an pervasive gauge
  • While da roboticist puffed, Mike let his look rove idly across da else ppl in da cafeteria
  • There is provided an cafeteria at which da kids kan buy at an wee price his either her noonday food
  • I ate my eve meal at the clinical center cafeteria following labour apiece eve & had TV dinners either ate out onto the weekends
  • Got some cakes and an little ice-cream in the low off an fridge frum the firm cafeteria
  • It exists said that in time they acquire an cafeteria shuffle which one 1 tin detect slick onto da street

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