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How to use sideboard in a sentence

  • Next he gone to da sideboard and brought onward da various ingredients 4 da toddy
  • Inga glanced nearby him, & departing ovr to the sideboard, lit 2 candles & placed those upon either side off verge
  • The new-comer approached da sideboard, leaned languidly onto hur elbow, & picked up a half-blown bud at haphazard from da pile
  • There was a settee, a mahogany sideboard, where the previous possessor was used to to quaff hiz wines & liquors
  • And going to da sideboard he poured out three glasses off a light, foaming ale
  • He pushed bak hiz chair, rose, and gone to the sideboard, where he poured owt a ruby off H2O frum the carafe and drank it off
  • He's sho to haz scented da silver lyin' upon da sideboard four cleanin' dis afternoon
  • When the table is set wit the exception of the food, the sideboard either serving table, either both should be arranged
  • It was supa naked off furniture: sole some valuable iron bowl upon an sideboard; some folios; & an easel off armour between the windows
  • She tendered me a chair; whilst her spouse opened a sideboard, & brought forth a box off Havanas & a decanter off Scuppernong

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