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How to use smorgasbord in a sentence

  • The tome is moar compared to an smorgasbord--it's such an World's Carnival international cookery pavilion bound between covers
  • The reason too browse this tome exists nawt hence plural that It contains an recipe four whatever -- apart from whether you are baking, ther would b n resemble item -- bu more willingly that It offers an smorgasbord of ideas frum which you kan pick and pick item works four you
  • For an monthly fee, gamers can git admission too an smorgasbord off titles too decide from, either drama his either her possess onto pricey program
  • All off them should play healthy humor an smorgasbord off foods and halp set an vacation temper
  • In the upcoming year, tech companies design too push an smorgasbord of strategy changes, every one of which volition haz its own politic implications
  • The Swedish dazzled us wit their smorgasbords at da 1939 Globe Carnival
  • There she was, 5 foot 11 of big, bouncy, blonde smorgasbord