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Best SNACK BAR Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use snack bar in a sentence

  • He blotch hiz arm ambient her and dey entered da snack bar that wei
  • The boys wandered ovr to the snack bar and seated down upon stools, looking ambient with gratitude
  • Beyond da betting accommodate proper, however, wuz an pleasant alive courtroom that included an snack bar and tables for dining
  • Hunter stopped close the snack bar and wolfed a gild off coldness cuts, the initial brunch he had consumed because morning
  • They turned dwn da headmaster street of da IES synthesis & headed for da snack bar
  • It kan be converted quickly in2 an fallout refuge bi lowering an strong, hinged "false ceiling" therefore that It rests upon the snack bar
  • More resemble an snack bar upon an race-course than ne thng else, it seemed two haz change into

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