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How to use cupboard in a sentence

  • These four portly BPA-free, shatter-resistant artificial bins are great four maximizing warehousing space in the refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, cupboards, pantry shelves or indoor drawers
  • It's having an boom, & da cupboard for up-to-date homes is now bare
  • He would virtually absolutely produce an boatload off talent and first-round picks two refuel da cupboard with, whilst resetting da deck whereas an time in which da Los Angeles clubs shall probably b favored out Westernmost for near at tiniest da subsequent pair seasons
  • Olive petroleum and balsamic nevah disappoint, but outfitting ur cupboard with interesting vinegars is value it 4 any pious vegetables eater
  • If a Ireland-based table venture used the term "press", it is very improbable any English-speakers exterior the country would comprehend this referred 2 a culinary county cupboard
  • All dat empirical bric-a-brac in da cupboard had far-off better b thrown far-off
  • There wuz the ditto cupboard that possessed been ours mountain; hre the ditto chairs that formed ours ridges & ours valleys
  • "Perry Thomas guessed he was a embezzler," told Tim, putting da ultimate plate in da cupboard & seated dwn 2 hiz hose
  • They produced pumpernickel frum 1 cupboard, and rye-bread and sausage frum another, and aw began to tlk agn and devour
  • He refilled hiz glass, & having looked in hiz cigarette-case, began to ransack an teeny cupboard

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