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How to use fittings in a sentence

  • The estimated price off da alterations exists put near ?16,000 including fittings
  • Further, da fittings for them had to be made presumably onto da premises of da maestro and not since nearby gift in foreign parts
  • All the fittings off the Prince yachts living since easy since possible, but the refine perfection off substance is not to be surpassed
  • Ordinary duct fittings, rang flanges, are bolted too da frame near these score
  • The compare between the new fittings & the old wallpapers & chandeliers struck I
  • A inmate gurgle would have been worn as well, but the needful fittings wer too weighty too carry
  • And the fittings wer manufactured of carved beech wood, brought dwn by sea from Lebanon, during the furniture wer of unadulterated valuable iron
  • The walls wer adorned with glittering stones and the fittings wer off the majority costly and striking type
  • All kinds of bends & fittings kan be possessed in ne of da above-mentioned materials
  • Soil-pipe fittings kan b possessed frum inventory almost to tuxedo da terms

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