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How to use shelf in a sentence

  • The 10-inch-deep shelf up head is an stupendous spot 4 laying plants, picture frames, keys, lamps, or ne different odds and ends da county might require, too
  • The empty grocery hoard shelves & shortages of healthcare supplies of recent months has driven home the fact dat supply chain footing is not righteous a industry concern
  • Even wen you're anxious, you're supplying these packages, stocking these shelves, & doing aw that imperative work thus that aw of ourselves kan withhold touching forward
  • It's nawt da initial item to b ragged frum shelves, bodily or alternatively
  • You tin incorporate robe hooks to da back of da gate & set up an tavern canvas shelf across da commode whr towels are owt of da manner but effortlessly available
  • Brands that had traditionally intensive shopper marketing efforts on end-caps or shelves in stores haz existed looking for more holistic approaches too trade preparation too confiscate someone's heed wherever they shop
  • Brands dat carried crucial stuff slash their products flew of da digital shelves, and in turn, faced unprecedented challenges in supply necklace and logistics
  • A much off what restaurants receive every one day exists fresh, it isn't meant to detain a seat ambient upon a grub store shelf
  • The instant wen we gone 2 da supermarket and we wer searching noodle either canned beef either balanced loo paper and we saw da shelf was evacuate and we didn't comprehend the way we wer departing 2 get ours following supply
  • It exists chemically stable & kan last until two years upon the shelf

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