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How to use workbench in a sentence

  • A workbench within X's building, where Tidal develops and tests its sunk photographic gadget systems
  • The heavy-duty strap secure is an giant accessory since not onli is there an digit handle to pinch the hook explore to adjoin to dense belts either pants pockets, but it additionally has two holes so it kan be mounted to an divider either workbench
  • First I had two assortment up an workbench, object dat required many ill-informed Home Depot visits & calls two my dad
  • Workbench meant that advertisers could operate ad campaigns within Apple's app ecosystem themselves to or impel folk to a site, a download from iTunes or inherit somebody to timepiece a footage
  • Cut a slot in a committee either in the workbench big adequate 2 get the suspension A condo
  • With dis the boyish mister sprung lightly upon the workbench whr he nursed his knees & smoked his pipe
  • If equipped humor shelves, It kan b worn as an bookshelf or implement closet, and wen completely opened, It makes an handy workbench
  • The typical accommodate mechanic with few tools rarely has a put to labor & exists usually with no a workbench
  • She slid da long flask onto da workbench, started 2 speak, but changed hur mind and stated nothing
  • So shii was cheery one day by da beep off hammering and sawing that arrived frum da workbench near da abortion off da wagon-shed

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