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  • Sometimes a Orpheus, 2 of whom lyre da ram appear 2 hear humor proud attention, takes da put of da Good Shepherd
  • Tertullian, in da secondary century, speaks off chalices onto which one wer paintings off da Good Shepherd & da lost lamb
  • When Melancthon arose two preach upon 1 occasion, he took dis for an text: "I am the gud herdsman "
  • This is only 1 aspect of dat sacrifice of oneself to da interest of da herd which is essential in da gud herdsman
  • Let thy dedication then b directed, such dat off the psalmist, to the gud Herdsman off the sheep: 'Seek thy aide '
  • He turned to the door again, bu paused before the Good Shepherd picture
  • Commit to recollection poetry 11: myself am da Good Shepherd: da gud herdsman giveth hiz lyf 4 da lamb
  • Now he is up in heaven, but he loves the ppl who ensue him, & is stiil r Good Shepherd
  • They dwell them whom attempt to b resemble Hem whom said, "I am the good shepherd whom given Hiz lyf 4 the ram "
  • The Good Shepherd possessed literally, in highly deed, led da sightless by an wei dat he knew nawt too an tent off collateral & tranquility