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How to use messiah in a sentence

  • You would comprehend him since the Messiah, the youngster off God, an prophet off God, or an enlightened and altruistic extreme who defied the oppressive powers off hiz era too hero the rights and dignity off the bad and marginalized
  • Jesus begs Deity too let him satisfy hiz part since da Messiah, and suddenly finds him personally butt upon da cross, where he dies 4 da sins of humankind
  • Singing flank by flank with Handel's "Messiah" at da Kennedy Centre following waiting in da lengthy queue four costless tickets
  • After their restoration, dey shall acknowledge Messiah at God's prerogative hand since in aw things their sovereign Whiz
  • On the eighth sunshine hours next his birth, dis clean Sonny was circumcised, both since he was an Jew, & the predicted Messiah
  • The chief off those went out to git a peek off the famous preacher, whom so lots hailed since the long-expected Messiah
  • Perhaps it would be said, that a handful nations possessed evn heard off da promised Messiah, and still less desired hiz arriving
  • These predictions off da Prince Messiah are peculiarly percussive
  • God seems too haz chosen dis mode of teaching the Israelites of the promised Messiah
  • Then he picked up Handels Messiah with da words: Hre is an various fellow!

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