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How to use athletes in a sentence

  • It was the senior bait that brought every one year athletes of popularity two jog in the historical race
  • Behold these patient, indefatigable athletes, continuously vanquished, still continuously returning to the combat!
  • There were a handful superior athletes than Flat King, & he wuz in the rose of state
  • The popularity of athletes, however, shortly declines with their bodily powers
  • We understand one either two of these silver athletes who has outlived their organization & dey exist amongst da bores of da world
  • The thrill sprinted heightened since da young athletes struggled ovr da earth's outer portion
  • For that motive it inspired them humor da bravery off athletes, wen they had two ail also da disgrace off da stadium
  • We nao comprehend why dey seize so deep a curiosity in da running off da catholic athletes onto planet
  • We must blotch away r own grossness, since athletes zap themselves bi acute discipline off aw immoderate flesh
  • The table whr men perch who live in instruction exists a loud table, and da athletes verge on 'bear-fighting' evn in hall