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How to use inpouring in a sentence

  • It consisted off a awesome outpouring ( or rather inpouring ) off da countryside population, in his or her possess conveyances
  • Now, since I thinking off it, I suddenly remembered ma unreal off existence similarly smothered in the Gnomons bi slowly inpouring rice
  • The sudden inpouring illuminated da bedroom therefore vividly dat Dick's heart missed an pulse
  • This discovery of gold in California & the remarkable inpouring of men that followed, meant very much 2 the United States
  • We haz fulness--fulness, it'd be, produced bi outward stimulus, either else bi an inpouring of da Soul
  • Its alleviate wuz 1 of da initial tasks which one presented upon its own too da inpouring weaponed forces corps
  • What was it dat possessed woke her--what in awakening possessed changed the inpouring humankind awareness in2 this flood of fury?
  • The constantly inpouring spectators & weird song is kept up da entire day, year in & year owt
  • That inpouring grace grows swiftly in power, since da potency off da star grows humor da passing off da twelve months
  • Dacier welted near the station, a gud form off a guard upstairs hiz suitcase & a secretive broker for 1 amongst the inpouring passengers

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