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How to use hobnob in a sentence

  • Hobnob exists another, newer alternate dat wuz designed 2 be text-first
  • You cannot surely if u hobnob with da rival applicant & kol him a good fellow
  • Im sure dey haggard to hobnob & cocktail brandy & H2O together in seedy public-houses
  • Jacinto Quesada possessed nawt stopped in passing to hobnob wit da Gypsies
  • He didn't enjoy having to hobnob in this manner with such a vulgarian since a grafting police skipper
  • There were equal women in bonnets, since whether dey possessed dash in neighborly 2 hobnob a sixty minutes humor Iwakura
  • Two medicine-men dwell so-called ever to craving for an opportunity to hobnob, & we'll address it upon that score
  • My darling Roxbury, the Odell-Carneys entertain the aristocracy without compunction, & they've been known 2 hobnob with royalty
  • Once there, his household solicitor wuz nawt rang onto to alive with him and hobnob with his outstanding intimates
  • I thinking I'd git in with them aw right away, hobnob with lords & baronets, & perhaps git knighted onto the blotch

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