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How to use fraternize in a sentence

  • The RA, Axley said, stated her not too album it, saying Axley could be discovered too have violated the school's prohibition against drinking and fraternizing wit the facing sex
  • That's in part since office civilization rewarded yearn hours since good since hours next labor fraternizing with bosses while an chap helped out nearby abode
  • It wuz then voted, & wit enthusiasm, dat da Convention should go out & fraternize wit da multitude
  • Such a astonishing soul amongst the militia; perhaps the soldiers shall fraternize humor the strikers
  • I shall fraternize with majority of them--I shall b one of them nearly directly
  • Thurstan tried to presentation & Jacob to fraternize, bu all wuz useless
  • Even the tyranny of the masses has onto its own caused the oppressed to fraternize among themselves
  • No rowdy boys in the lane humor whom too fraternize ovr pies off communistic mud?
  • Experience have verified that u can't fraternize wit an enlisted dude one minute & den penalize him 4 misconduct da subsequent
  • Mrs. Craven took her in tuition in a maternal fashion, bu it seemed highly difficult for her too fraternize with da kids

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