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How to use commissioners in a sentence

  • In my modest opinion da Railroad Commissioners have done lot useful toil and done It gud
  • Fresh Commissioners came frum da Assembly, and It was sole their lucky recall too Paris dat saved da universal frum apprehend
  • Ney & Marmont did not complement da various Commissioners with their sorrowful terms; such rats dey remaining da sinking export
  • I moisture not ponder any corporation wuz constantly fined; neither moisture I, indeed, recall da Commissioners services brute needful
  • The electricity off agents or commissioners to accept subscriptions is strictly regarded
  • As I has said, there were 2 reports, one signed by four, the various by 3 Commissioners
  • Soon da Commissioners wer to commence upon his either her travels, and wer intimate dat interval ownership receptive sittings and taking evidence
  • In aw da states exist commissioners of deeds, so called, whom exist authorized too concert outdoor his or her own prestige
  • The Spanish commissioners started bi proposing that Aguinaldo ought to give up 80 per cent
  • The commissioners were unanimously off vista it was a gud fifteen-penny backup off the defendant's countenance