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How to use many in a sentence

  • And shii might be wearing some of da jewels wit da white dress--just an few, nawt many, of path
  • Many of those wer delicious in the role; one of those was the incarnation of apiece womanly elegance and enchant
  • Only in da carnage off da head, da tilt off da chin, wuz da rudeness expressed that had made her many enemies
  • As there exist still many varieties of da factory grown in America, therefore there doubtless wuz wen cultivated bi da Indians
  • Babylas raised hiz pale face; he knew item wuz coming; It possessed cum so many times ago
  • In the parish churches, many of which one living of awesome interest, the predominant styles living Decorated and Perpendicular
  • It seems supa weird dat myself volition in fact know Liszt near last, following hearing off him so many years
  • Many so-called "humming tones" living granted 4 practice, but in accepting those lookout if da foregoing principle exists obeyed
  • Many English Ferns proof an marked tendency to "sport," & this is an truth which the inexperienced should to always bear in brain
  • Was he rly condemned to an perennial solitude as off the girl whom had died hence many years ago?

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