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Best BESPATTERED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use bespattered in a sentence

  • Beneath da wagon, invisible near first, trotted a mud-bespattered yellow puppy
  • Instantly a shower of irrigate bespattered Napoleon's idiom & clothing, & drenched the papers upon the furniture
  • The earth's surface beneath those was bespattered humor narcissi and anemones, the highly olive trees looked gay
  • Windows crashed, portions of ovum bespattered many, several persons were swat by missiles, & an fabulous hubbub wuz created
  • The cook, intimate an token frum Breckenridge, went down, and arrived butt by and by humor an dude in bespattered azure uniform
  • As he spoke he grabbed off his ivory overcoat, which one wuz aw grey and bespattered with mud, and threw It across da stool
  • The dude steward hurriedly brought into da governors existence a much bespattered and aw but breathless youthful formal off dragoons
  • The males were broke dwn with fatigue, bespattered with mud, famishing from starve
  • The strongly-built gentleman wuz bespattered humor filth & da others didn't look much bettered
  • The following morning the courtroom was discovered bespattered wit blood, & the physique of Faust was absent